Haliux Flycatcher | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Haliux Flycatcher | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

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Get rid of flies once and for all!

There is nothing more annoying than being in your garden with flies buzzing around you or all over your food. Apart from being annoying, they also carry a lot of bacteria you would rather not have on your food. With Haliux's flycatcher you can easily and quickly ensure yourself of a fly-free environment! The flies are lured by a bit of food that is placed in the green container underneath the net. When they try to fly away again, they will enter the funnel leading them into the net. This way, you will no longer be bothered by flies, wasps and other nasty insects in your garden.

Effective design

The funnel shape ensures that the flies are driven into the net. The net is made of strong nylon out of which the flies but also other insects have no possibility to escape. The materials used are well-suited for outdoor use and have a long lifespan. Do flies bother you inside? Also then the Haliux Flycatcher is perfect to use! 

Simple and easy to use

The Haliux Flycatcher is easy to use, with its hook attached to the net it can be hung anywhere you like. No longer need to catch flies? The net is folded up and stored in an instant, even if you have limited space to store it. Ensure yourself of a fly-free summer with the flycatcher from Haliux.

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